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I am here to train my dog

The  1:1 Intensive Training is a revolutionary, accessible, sustainable virtual dog training program. Partner with one of our trainers who specializes in reactivity and you will make DAILY progress through our asynchronous platform.

The dog training and social media Apprenticeship with Sailor Jerri will equip you with everything you need to implement your own virtual training program.  The Apprenticeship is 3 months long: 1) Foundation, 2) Education, 3) Observation.

There are two ways to participate: VIP Tier with 1:1 coaching or the Small Groups Tier evergreen program.

I am or want to be a dog trainer
I am unsure where to start

Book a Consultation with Jerri and get 30 minutes of answers to your burning questions and discover which Tulsa Pack path best fits you and your dog.

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