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Join Sailor Jerri the Dog Trainer for a 3-month dog training and social media apprenticeship where you will walk away with all the skills you need to implement your own virtual training program.

Month 1


Learn the Tulsa Pack virtual training method.

Month 2


Plug into our education bank & community channels.

Month 3


Shadow team members with virtual clients.

Requirements to apply 
  • You have a (mostly) trained dog. This includes foundational work like crate training, place work, walking on a loose lead, and reactivity has management in place.

  • You are focused on contributing to the mission of the #openmindedapproach.  We are working to prevent dogs going into shelters by integrating training into communities with tolerance, compassion, and generosity of spirit.

  • You love to learn and participate in structured and unstructured education.

  • You will not slander, bully, or harass other dog trainers or owners for their choices.  

  • You are ready to work hard. You are a good teammate and want to improve both yourself and the greater dog community.

2023 Apprenticeship Application
How many dogs do you have?
Is your dog trained?

Thanks for applying! You'll receive confirmation you've been added to the list

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