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Sailor Jerri the Dog Trainer and Tulsa Pack Athletics


Sailor Jerri is a professional pet dog trainer with over 20 years experience in the pet-care industry.  She stepped away from her career as a veterinary technician and started Tulsa Pack Athletics in October 2020.

Enzo is an American Bully from Oklahoma.  Jerri and Enzo educate owners on how to meet their dog's needs while building a stronger relationship with a plan that is always geared to their unique goals.

Tulsa Pack Athletics
  • October 2020: Tulsa Pack Athletics is born

  • March 2021: Sailor Jerri opens Apprenticeship Program

  • April 2021: Tulsa Pack Athletics expands to include professional trainers (3 countries) in the largest virtual pet dog training network in the world

  • June 2022: Tulsa Pack Athletics 7-Day Bootcamps launch

  • September 2022: Tulsa Pack University launches

  • November 2022: The Tulsa Pack Aftercare, our most affordable and sustainable aftercare program, launches

  • September 2023: Tulsa Pack Athletics evolves into a Virtual Cooperative that facilitates resource sharing for pet dog trainers around the world

Tulsa Pack Athletics Trainers

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Pack Leader

Wichita, Kansas





Marketing, Trainer

Philadelphia, PA


Pack Trainer

Las Vegas, NV


Pack Trainer

Atlanta, GA


Pack Trainer

Brooklyn, NY


Pack Trainer

Budapest, Hungary


Pack Trainer

Tiffany Apprentice.jpeg



Tallahassee, FL

Pack Trainer

New York


Pack Trainer

Central, PA

Pack Trainer

Paige Social Share_edited.jpg



Denver, CO

Pack Trainer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pack Trainer

Central, PA

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