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Tulsa Pack Athletics now we're offering ONGOING support for graduates of our

1:1 Intensive training program.

what is included with my aftercare?
  • Full course access during membership

  • Mini-Pack (6-day community feedback channel with a dedicated trainer)

  • 25% off 1:1 Training Packages

  • 25% off Tulsa Pack University courses

aftercare options

One Mini Pack/month

$60/month for 6 months


Two Mini Packs/month

$120/month for 6 months

How do I sign up?

You will be automatically given the opportunity to enroll in the Tulsa Pack Athletics Aftercare at the end of a 1:1 Intensive training program. Your trainer will connect you with the Aftercare director, Mattison Simpson, and she will give you the options above to choose from.  Please reach out at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.

More about the mini packs

Mini Packs start every Friday, run for 6 days, and usually end on Thursday evening, though the days may not be consecutive based on Holidays.

You and a small group of owners will spend 6 days together with a dedicated trainer who is there to answer questions and provide daily feedback.

The Mini Packs literally changed lives during the Summer and Fall bootcamps by providing reactive dog parents the judgement-free education and community they didn't know they were missing.  We are so excited to provide this year-round.

Pay in Full discount available!

Purchase all 6 months upfront and save 10%

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