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Mattison Simpson


Coaching dog owners to be freed by training

Freed By Training

Mattison Simpson

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Mattison here! I've been a dog trainer for almost 7 years and my greatest passion is to break down the communication barrier between humans and their canine companions. Joining Tulsa Pack in Spring of 2021 was a catalyst to leave behind my corporate career and dedicate my life to saving dogs. Although I work mainly with reactive and behavioral cases, I spent the last 2 years developing a holistic curriculum for group puppy class to act as ‘preventative dog training’ and set new puppy parents up for success. I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband and rescue dog, Remington.

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10 minutes free to discuss possible options for you


4 In person sessions



A mix of virtual and in person training

Click here to learn more


6 in person sessions over a time period of up to 12 weeks


Virtual with TPA

Multiple options available for daily check ins and coaching to aid in progress

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Follow Up

2 sessions if needed after the Foundations package has been completed.



Virtual or In Person Evaluation to see what's going on with your dog and come up with a strategy. $80


Fun Fact

I used to live in Wales and my husband is from the UK

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