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Previous Bootcamps are available for you to enjoy over and over again!  Follow these self paced programs to pick up something new and useful for you and your pet. The bootcamps have been a KEY turning point in many pet parents journeys to really improving the relationship they have with their pet 

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The most innovative, integrative, social community that have ever existed online in dog training

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Why Tools Assessment?

Join TPA For the most information packed bootcamp we've had all season!

THE place to unpack all of the training knowledge you've acquired so far.  Let's really get down to the basic upon basic steps you need to take with your dog so you both can succeed.  BONUS LESSON from Jerome the TPA Head Trainer.


Follow along and get a taste of what virtual training at Tulsa Pack Athletics is really like.  By the end of the week your pup will be more engaged with you and want to focus all their attention on you. You'll also grow in confidence and find what really works for you and your dog in a controlled environment (your home) before venturing out into the big world.


Learn from an experienced Tulsa Pack Athletics Trainer and then break into Mini Packs to receive individualized feedback in a small group setting!  Homework will be submitted daily to your mini pack leader for review and to receive feedback.

For optimal use of this bootcamp please be willing to spend up to ~2 hours per day. This is depending on how many people are in your Mini Pack Group to review everyones material and get the most out of this method of learning.  You are not required to participate in any capacity, but you will see the most success if you do 🥰.


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