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Train your dog.  Train yourself.

I have spent my entire life working with dogs. Raised in Kansas, I came to Tulsa 4 years ago. As a veterinary technician for the last 18 years, I have dedicated myself to working with animals and learning all I could about them. Very early in life, I knew that dogs were my absolute favorite.  I would spend hours walking my grandparents cattle ranch with their big German Shepherd Dogs.  I knew that their was something special between us that the other children did not have with the dogs.  Working in all aspects of a veterinary clinic, and finally ending as a practice manager of a Tulsa small animal and exotic vet, I have decided to take my knowledge and passion for dogs and create a new way to help owners with their number one fans.

For almost two decades, I have been working primarily with large, powerful, and/or working breeds on companion training and overcoming reactivity and obedience tra. I have a passion for physical fitness coupled with a bossy personality, and that is a perfect trainer for dogs that require high physical demand combined with the need for an experienced, confidant leader. My passions also lie in resurrecting the name of the Bully breeds that are misunderstood due to lack of training and education. I use blunt truths, and I push consistency and confidence out of the owners that work with me.


I use my working dog Enzo, an Oklahoma Hog Dog (3/4 American Bully, 1/4 APBT) to help other dogs overcome fear, reactivity, lack of socialization, and leash walking issues. He really is the King of Calm 👑🐾


If you have a reactive dog that you can’t control, a dog beginning to have behavioral issues, or maybe you have a puppy or new rescue and want to know how to avoid common mistakes made by owners, then I am the trainer for you.   Helping other people, especially woman, achieve what I have with Enzo is the greatest dream of my life.



  • Owners interested in jogging, hiking, and more with their dogs, with the ultimate goal of off leash work.

  • Advanced ways of reading your dog, including reading ears for engagement and line of hearing.

  • Identifying the way your dog tracks scents and how to overcome distractions

  • Specific issues such as high prey drive, separation anxiety, bully specific behavior, reactivity, fear-based behavior, etc.

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