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Tulsa Pack Athletics

TPA is the world leader in delivering high quality dog training using an innovative and industry-changing virtual delivery method.

This relationship-focused and open-minded training is changing the lives of reactive dog parents around the world by teaching foundational skills and providing community-building feedback channels.  Our approach is built on empowerment and accountability.

I am here to train my dog

The  1:1 Intensive Training is a revolutionary, accessible, sustainable virtual dog training program. Partner with one of our trainers who specializes in reactivity and you will make DAILY progress through our asynchronous platform.


Sailor jerri

the dog trainer

For almost two decades, Jerri has trained primarily large, powerful, and/or working breeds living as companion dogs with reactivity.

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Her mission is to provide high quality behavioral dog training to pet parents around the world by connecting with owners and trainers alike.

"Dog training should be for everyone."

jerri & enzo
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Dozens of trainers in four countries have been a part of the Tulsa Pack Revolution.

Meet our current pack below!


Join the pack

Sailor Jerri's Dog Training and Social Media Apprenticeship will give you a front row seat to the inner workings of our pack.

Apply for the 2023 Apprenticeship below!

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