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I want to redefine pet ownership in the black household. I want to show people that women can be dog trainers too and do a damn good job.

Zoë Holloway

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Queen Xena 2 year old Rottweiler

I'm from Georgia and a huge Dawgs fan, DUH! I got started with training because I got my first big dog and knew that I did not want her to end up like my childhood dog, that is: rude, pushy, reactive, etc. He was great dude but lacked guidance. I wanted to give her everything I wasn't able to give my previous dog. After the loss of my small dog in 2021, I made a vow to change the lives of others and their dogs because I never wanted anyone to feel as hopeless as I did that day. I got on social media and started posting my videos and using my comedy to attract attention. Jonas Black shared one of my videos and my following started soaring! I followed Jerri one day because she was the first black female dog trainer I had come across and her energy was infectious! One day she asked if I wanted to be a part of TPA and who could turn that down?? In my spare time, I like working out, traveling, playing instruments and on the rare occasion, sleep 😂 I work my lil 9-5 but hopefully soon, dog training will take off and I will be able to do that full time!

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I can beat box pretty well!

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Daily individualized checkins (minus Sunday) to help keep you accountable and maintain the momentum needed for success.

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In person

4 week $580


6 week $750

(Available after a consultation)


A mix of virtual training coupled with an in person visit to fine tune any confusing areas.

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Email me so we can chat and schedule a consultation! I'm Flexible!

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