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Virtual Dog Training

All About Our Virtual Dog Training

If you have a new puppy, it’s important to choose puppy classes near me that will help you build your dog’s foundation. Our virtual dog training is designed for puppies under four months old and consist of a three-week virtual training session. You’ll get access to daily communication with a trainer that is hand-selected just for you. You’ll also be able to consult with our head trainer to talk about your goals and to discuss your progress. During the training, you’ll work through tiered levels of skills as your puppy progresses. You’ll also get access to video messaging through the Marco Polo platform and access to a members-only forum for six months. As a part of your training package, you’ll also get access to our video channel for six months. Get your puppy on the right foot early in life by enrolling in our virtual dog training classes. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond and develop healthy habits and skills that will last a lifetime.

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