Meet The team

Meet Tulsa Pack Athletics fantastic and dedicated group of trainers, interns that have completed our apprenticeship program, and network trainers!  Each one of them special in their own way,  They bring Jerri's vision to life by teaching the art of dog training to each owner so that they can live the best life possible with not only this dog, but all your future dogs! Every trainer comes from a different area of the world together here for this virtual dog training vision.  These amazing humans are here to help you on your journey anyway that they can, and they do!  From providing constructive feedback, to answering questions, to showing new skills...they will have you working in structure and foundation in no time!  During training you’ll be paired with someone Jerri feels would be the best fit for you and your dog.  Every dog and every owner are different and the training is tailored to what is best for your DOG first and foremost.

Pack Members

Jerri and Enzo.jpg

CEO Hype Woman - Kansas


Behind the Scenes Admin - Nomad

Jerome and donny

Head Trainer - UK

Zoe and Hugo

Trainer - Canada

Mattison Skoog.jpg

Trainer/Marketing - Philly

Mariah, Emma, and Jax

Trainer - Ohio

Corey Kohl and Colt.jpg

Trainer - New York

Alexa and Rosie.jpeg

Trainer - Philly

IMG_3565 (1).heic

Trainer - Georgia


Trainer - New Jersey

Jenny and Nelli_edited.png

Trainer - Nevada

T and Milo_edited.jpg

Trainer - North Caroloina


Trainer - PNW


Trainer  - Florida

Tiffany Apprentice.jpeg

Trainer - Hawaii

Isabel and pups.jpg

Trainer - Cali

Matilda Moore.heic

Trainer - Georgia


Trainer - NYC


Trainer - Massachusetts


Trainer - Illinois

Christie and Dogs

Trainer - Ohio

Chisara & Sensi.jpg

Trainer - UK