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You Shape Your Own Future

I used to weigh 170lbs. I suffered from Type II Diabetes that came about as a result of being on antipsychotic medications that made me crave carbs SPECIFICALLY. They tell you that, ya know. They tell you "Expect weight gain." Expect bad side effects instead of what you were experiencing.

That's not help. I knew better.

That was many years ago. Since then, I found my way: Healthy eating, lots and lots of exercise, prayer/meditation. I had to open myself up to the Source. I had to change. I needed to stop being lazy and seek a solution that was sustainable.

So it is with our relationship with our dogs. If you are struggling, examine the ways in which you could open yourself up to learn more. Approach it differently than you have been. Apply consistency. ASK FOR HELP from someone who's been there and gotten real results.

Everything you need to be successful is already inside of you. Reach in and grab it. 🐾⭐

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