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Working on that impulse control

Doing some impulse control work with Enzo and dogs passing. In this scenario, because a squirrel could run out at any moment, I keep the prong/strap lead on and do the following:

1) SIT.

> I do not repeat myself. I enforce with light leash pressure until he does the command.

2) I position myself where I can see the stimulus AND my dogs head. That's the tell. It's all in the ears and forehead. If you don't watch for loading, you can't prevent the escalation of behavior. You can't teach a dog that's in a full reaction. But you can prevent a full reaction and teach a dog to deescalate over time with consistent repetition. Study your dog. Know your dog.

3) There's no talking unless I give commands. I do not repeat commands. I do not say "Stay! Stayyyy! Stayyyyyyyyyyy! It is implied. I will enforce that. He knows it. Stop trying to verbally control your dog. That is not their language.

4) I am familiar with the levels of correction and know which one to use for which purpose. And I use them with the appropriate pressure because I practice constantly. The finesse of correction is learned thru PRACTICE with your dog. You only become skilled by doing the drills. Just like any other sport. My check list is:

> Leash pops

> Body tap

> Shoulder check

> Flank check

> Body check with 180 turn

5) When the dogs have walked by, I ask my dog to release his SIT and COME to me. Why? Focus.

> It's not just about correcting the behavior. It's about creating a new "default" for your dog. So ask for focus and PAY THAT FOCUS with verbal praise and/or treat/toy. Work = Pay.

6) Don't get mad if your dog grabs a large stick at the end to play and ruins your teaching moment. He's a dog. He's gonna F around sometimes. Don't engage in the game. Just laugh under your breath, walk away (he always follows) and get back to work. ❤️🐕

Full correction video available on my website:

Link in bio! DM me for training help.



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