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When to Use an Ecollar

Why do I not use ecollars? It's not that I don't believe in them. I was just taught differently. When you're from the country people only really use ecollars on hunting dogs for long range recall in the field. It's just a difference of location.

I have had Enzo in big cities and he does quite well, but I can see how that world is so overburdened with stimuli that having a failsafe is important. I want to support proper ecollar use.

What I do not support is every dog that comes to you as a trainer goes on an ecollar. What is the purpose here? To push dogs out of board and trains faster? So many of my clients coming to me after incredibly expensive (thousands) board and trains with ecollars and can't even walk on a f*cking leash? I don't get it.

As balanced trainers, we need to challenge our colleagues to do better. I had a great conversation with Koco Garcia @handoverrover about her reasonings for using them. Her's made sense! Big city, some of the most aggressive dogs in the city she's working with, intensive training outside of the ecollar first, proper education and follow up with clients are all important to her. So that's a good use by a professional who can break it all down and explain it AND HAS THE RESULTS to prove it!!

What is not a good use is slapping them on EVERY dog to do correction work. Or expedite a process that doesn't need to be expedited. There's no room for lazy people in dog training. This is for people playing the long game. The hard road of work, patience, and consistency.

Balanced trainers, I encourage you to not rely on the ecollar as the way to initially get results out of every dog. Use them when appropriate, but if we don't police ourselves, it will continue....dogs getting lit up for shit they don't understand. The amount of dogs I have seen ruined by balanced trainers is the same amount I see that weren't helped by force free trainers. We can do better!

Interested in learning more about how I train without one? Or need guidance on your dog that was put on one? I have the answers for it all with myself and my trainers at #tulsapackathletics 🐾

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