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What Would Happen if I Said YES to Being Loving to Myself?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I can't believe I used to hate myself. Say unkind things to myself all day in my head. Things like:

"Stupid b$&*h.

No one likes you.

You f-ed up again.

You're such an idiot.

Jerri and Enzo watching a train pass in a small town in Kansas. Pictured in the selection of the car side mirror. Enzo has his head out the back drivers side door and Jerri is leaning out the front driver's window
Jerri and Enzo Watching Trains

You can't get anything right."

Come on. You know them. You say it too. Inside. Every mistake. Every misstep. You judge yourself so harshly that when others do it, it echos inside you and you hear what they said over and over. Then that becomes a thing.

Really it's just my own voice. The part of me that fights against needing God. The part of me that can do it all on her own, is the part of me that continuously suffers. On an island that I crashed my own ship into.

Would you EVER talk to your best friend, your mother, the woman at the gas station in line behind you that way? For making a mistake? For being a human? With flaws and traumas?

No. That would be cruel.

If you do not speak hope, love, and light into your own life, other people will speak into it for you. Then their words will be the loop repeated back to you in your head...over time, becoming the script you read to yourself.

Ask yourself, if it's so easy for me to be kind to other people, should I not treat myself with that same kindness? Should I not encourage myself? Should I not strengthen myself instead of tearing my temple down?

Would it be a bad idea if I loved, supported, and cherished my own soul as it goes thru a life that can be quite difficult?

What would happen if I said YES to being loving to myself?

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