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What’s your calling?

Have you ever just known something about your life? Some people say it's your "calling" or you have been "called". But turning that into your life takes work. Sacrifice. I was looking out the window at one of my last days in Italy for this trip (I'll be back in April), and I thought to myself, something has always called me here. From the time I was a teenager. But why? There are many beautiful places in the world. Why here?

I may not have known years ago what that was, even though I assumed it was for adventure and vacation, but I know now. There is a whole population of people here that live a different way than in America with their dogs. It is more casual. The dogs are less aggressive. They are with their owners a lot more and therefore become socialized and desensitized naturally by exposure because their way of life involved their dogs more.

I saw no stray dogs here. I saw dogs on harnesses and flex leads, not at heel, but that was the worst thing I saw. I saw dogs off leash but their owners had them under reasonable control. My judgements had been off a little. It became about learning the culture and why they do what they do with their dogs instead of a vacation. I saw how balanced training could be better introduced and accepted here working with the tools allowed in the country.

Bashing countries that ban tools and not offering solutions is not helping. I had to widen my view. In America we have shelters overflowing with dogs and MILLIONS have died. Our way is not better. It's just different. Our dogs are not European. We are not European. One size may not actually fit all. So I want to proficient in both ways. I'm offering what I've learned and am learning. BALANCED TRAINING IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF THE DOG, despite culture.

If you are in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, etc.....LET ME KNOW. I can offer you balanced training using just a slip lead. I've been doing it. I have learned so much from my international clients. I have a serious goal to meet everyone of you in person.

And I generally reach my goals. 😘💪🏾

#international clients....Holla at ya girl. ❤️🐕👑


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