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Vitual Training

Virtual Training. Let's talk about it. How can it help you? Is it even for you?

There are so many things in life that "weren't for me" until I tried them. Some of them still weren't for me...but I couldn't form an EDUCATED opinion until I tried for myself. Actual experience and not someone else's opinion.

The problem with retention of skills in dog training is not the fault of the technique. Sometimes it is, but if I'm being totally honest, it's because people don't stay consistent and follow thru. So now we know the main problem. Let's talk solution.

If you see your trainer on Monday, have a question on a Wednesday, don't get called back until Saturday, then what happens? You don't do anything because you're too afraid of doing it wrong. Virtual Training eliminates that. You just ask, then you get an answer.

Don't be fooled by people that say you can't train dogs virtually. I'm not training your dog. I'm teaching you how to train your dog. A skilled practitioner, a gifted teacher, a passionate coach...can explain their craft thru ANY platform, or any means of communication. Is this for serious cases of aggression? No. Obviously not. I will find you a referral for that. But if you struggle with reactivity, overall manners, or just have a new canine addition to your are welcome here and can learn here!

If you've learned from just watching my videos, posts, reels, or TikToks with Enzo and my client's dogs...THEN YOU ARE ALREADY LEARNING VIRTUALLY! Be proud of that! You figured out how to get information of value and implement it in your life!

30 days to a better relationship with your dog. Every day. Every step directed. Every question answered. You CAN learn this. I mean, I do it. And I'm just a regular chic from the country. The bond I have with my dog is available to everyone. It takes hard work and discipline, but you CAN do this too. Let me show you from the very first step. ⭐🐾

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