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Trim Those Nails Babbbbyyy

The most common paid for service at a vet or groomer? NAIL TRIMS Y'ALL. Why are we not doing these at home? It's regular maintenance for any dog, and something you can learn at home! If you got your dog a nail trim every month for one year, that could add up to around $240! That money could go towards flea/tick or heartworm prevention!

Let's dive in:

***I, and most other vet techs, love the style of nail trimmers shown in the video here. (I will post a link to my faves in the comment section.)

1) Have corn starch ready. If you F up, pack that on and hold light pressure until bleeding stops. If you make a mistake..YOUR DOG WILL LIVE. It's ok. Try to do a better job next time.

2) Have a buddy to do the hold I have shown here and the other person trims the nails.

3) Just take off the tips. In clear nails you can see the quick. In black nails you cannot. You will see a small black dot in the center of the black nail as you are getting closer to the quick. Stop cutting when you see that.

4) Do not talk. Just do the job. Your dog doesn't speak English. Be pleasant and confident, but don't dilly-dally around saying a bunch of "It's ok! it's ok!" Shhhhhhhhhhhh. You can praise at the end.

5) Do NOT let the dog up if it is struggling. Wait for calm, then release the dog for a lot of praise and a cookie!

6) Using a muzzle is not only acceptable, it is advised while you learn if your dog gets upset. There is nothing wrong with using a muzzle!!

Remember, you CAN learn to do this. You don't need to make a whole trip out of going to the vet to do a nail trim. Your dog would prefer YOU do it. We need to stop normalizing running to the vet for basic grooming instead of teaching owners to care for their dogs. Vets have plenty to do besides nail trims (IN MY OPINION 🙂) Next maintenance topic.....TEETH BRUSHING!


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