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Traveling with Enzo

Enzo and I travel every week. We have been doing that his entire life. He doesn't know a life without road trips.

At first, it may seem odd to have your dog in the car so much, like maybe they don't like it, or it's boring. I have found, however, that being in the car is a form of PLACE for Enzo. He goes right to his seat, lays down in a calm state and sleeps quietly, or if he wants to look out the window that is fine too.

I have been paying attention to our habits lately and I have this to offer you: We are generally doing these things: structured exercise/work, place, play time, sleeping/eating. Thats it.

I'm just telling you what I do. It seems to me the reason Enzo is so calm is because he HAS to be. He has practiced over and over every day. Being calm. Staying in his place. Exercising when its time. Mental work when its time. Play when its time. Then back to task.

In this picture you see a potty break while on the road but I also worked him. He ran beside the car for a mile. We explored a waterfall together while working on recall. We sat on a cliff next to each other and stared into the horizon together quietly. And all that took 30min. Just 30min and I gave him everything he needed.

And I got what I needed too. Now back in the car and on to the next stop along this amazing journey. Its not as hard as you think. Be creative. See your dog thru the mind of the child you once were that WISHED you could do Everton with your dog. Because now, you can. ❤🐶👑

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