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Training Pays Off

I don't even have to give commands anymore. I let my energy do the talking. I show him what I want by doing it. We sit and wait for appointments together.

We do this patiently and quietly. We do not fidget, fiddle, or fuss. I don't need to talk to him or look at him. We just sit and wait our turn. I do not overly correct him. I give him the chance to just BE with me in a situation that requires calm. If I ask him to be something, like calm, then I have to create scenarios for him to practice! I don't "wish" I had a calm dog, I practice with him to create that reality.

In the 4 years I have had Enzo, I have never had a negative incident with him indoors (or outdoors for that matter). I've never been asked to leave or not be allowed in somewhere because of his behavior or presence. He is so well trained that I am generally encouraged to bring him into the businesses I frequent by the owners after I first ask permission. I'm trying to set an example that people may not otherwise see in their everyday life.

Enzo is so well behaved because our standards are high. He is not allowed to sniff things indoors excessively. He must sit before entering or exiting doors. He is not to go towards people for any reason without permission, even if they call him. He must be in a down stay or sit stay at all times except when we move from one area to another. No barking, whining, or licking. Stay out of the way of the customers and close to me.

If you want a dog that can go anywhere with you, you need to show him what is expected. Like 4,785 times. And actually train. I get so tired of hearing, "Oh I wish my dog was that well behaved," like it just happened or something. I always just say "He can be. It's not a secret! It just takes consistent effort." ❤️🐾 Unsure how to start? DM me.

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