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To Mothers in Recovery...

To mothers in recovery...

Your children will forgive you.

They will learn how to forgive others bc they must first forgive their own mother.

Never be ashamed of teaching your children the importance of forgiveness.

You must model forgiveness to them tirelessly.

If they do not initially forgive you, wait longer.

Keep trying.

Leave the notes.

Show up to the band concert at the school.

Be present even if they won't talk to you.

You messed up. You did.

You hurt them. You did.

That's never going away.

It is not, however, a pass for you to bounce.

But everyday you spend away from them in that shame, is another day they navigate the world without knowing their mother is in their corner. Even when your kid is mad and doesn't want you there. Come and sit in the parking lot.

Them being mad is not an excuse to show up. It's your job to show them that their anger is a feeling that you're going to stay with them thru. You're not going to abandon ship again bc it's hard. Respect their space but show up.

Children need their mothers.

Whatever is left in you, gather it up.

Pull it together girl.

There is no one else.

You're it.

Remind yourself that you are their mother. Nothing will keep you from them. Nothing.

Not even yourself.

If I had stopped my healing and ran from my children to avoid responsibility and accountability, I would not have walked down the path that led me to having Mylo. My only child to always have a sober mother.

God gave me another chance to get it right. The process of bringing him into the world led me to one of the most powerful, life-changing encounters with God I have ever had in my life. It changed me. It gave me true freedom.

What future gifts are you postponing by not getting sober? What beautiful amazing things are in store for you? What of yourself have you yet to discover??

Me and my son, Mylo, riding on the lawn mower
Me with Mylo

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