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This Person Was Once Small, Anxious, and Volatile.

This person was once small, afraid, anxious, and volatile. The same person that helps YOU with your dog couldn't even help herself before....

Where do you start your journey to find yourself and love yourself? I started small. I wanna give you an incredibly useful tip in breaking thought patterns and empowering yourself.


Grab a stack of post it notes and start writing yourself words of affirmation. I'll give you some of MY examples but do what works best for YOU:

**You are worthy of love.

**I am powerful. I am capable.

**I am the daughter of the Sovereign God of all things. I can do all things He empowers me to do, even when I am unqualified.

**Find who you are in God.

**Climb and maintain. Climb and maintain.

**Tell a friend they are amazing today.

**Forgive yourself for mistakes and learn to do better next time.

**It's ok to feel my feelings. It's not okay to be ruled by them.

**I am unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will not be ashamed of not being perfect while I learn it.

**I AM NOT ALONE. I AM NEVER ALONE. The Helper is always there when I ask. For good things and hard things. I only have to call out.

**If I want to be better, I will be better. I can face each day head on without fear of the future.

➡️Saying these things OUT LOUD each day...will change your heart. It will change how you view yourself. It will change YOU.

➡️We are our thoughts. We become what we repeat to ourselves. If you want to succeed, tell yourself you CAN. Do not plan for failure. Stop expecting to NOT be great.

➡️Everything you need is inside of you already. Start talking to those things and encouraging yourself to let them come out. SPEAK LIFE INTO YOURSELF. Speak love into yourself. Empower yourself with your own words and actions as you begin to change.

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Jerri riding in a Jeep

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