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This Needs To Stop!

This is simply shocking to find out in the very town I purchased Enzo from, Bristow, Oklahoma, that dogs are shot in the head to be euthanized.

What the fuck Oklahoma. Do better. It's the wild west here. You can own a tiger without a license, walk down the street with an assault rifle, and also apparently shoot dogs in the head for euthanasia. Get it together.

Truth time:. A bottle of Fatal Plus IV solution costs $5.00. A huge bottle. It takes 30 seconds to hold a dog and do a proper humane euthanasia. Shooting a dog in the head is about the shittiest, oldest, backwards, lazy ass bullshit I have ever heard. That's less than a bullet cost anyway so that doesn't even make sense on ANY level.

First of all THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO: So dogs get trained and don't end up in the shelter in the first place. You don't understand what that would be like. To be with your family, then they just don't want you and your whole life changes to a fucking prison at a shelter. Just let that sink in.

1) Train your dogs. Don't let anything remotely like this happen. That's the part we can do to help. WE HAVE TRAINED DOGS AND THEY DON'T END UP IN SHELTERS.

2) Write a letter to your representative about this. This is a democracy and if we make a big enough stink, we CAN change laws.

I plan to join my friend Taylor Clark @tayrclark on this issue, you may remember her from saving the dog Kevin they "forgot to euthanize" and leaving him for days and days in freeIng weather with no shelter food or water. We are going to seek out shelters in the smaller municipalities and provide training and education so more dogs get trained and adopted out and less get euthanized.

This is a real fight everyone. You love dogs so much??? Then help me fix problems the ones face that have no owners to stand up for them. If you are in Oklahoma, please DM me if you'd like to be part of making a change.

No one else is coming or they would've been here and fixed it. It's just us. We're it.

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