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This is My Dog

This is my dog. There are no other dogs like him. He is my friend, my confidante, my brother, my employee, my protector, my truth teller, my reflection.

He never lies. Everything about him is happening right in the present moment in real time. If he's anxious, it needs balanced out. That's what I'm here for: To serve him as he serves me.

Because as much as he is mine, I am his. I am responsible for teaching him how to be what I am asking him to be. His training falls on my shoulders, no one else's. His failures are mine. His mistakes are mine.

But his successes...those are OURS.

His accomplishments...OURS too.

He is the ultimate reflection of how well I steward over his life. Every time you see a well-trained dog, know that hours upon hours of dedicated work went into that relationship. There were mistakes made and there were things that had to be overcome. But there was also persistence, consistency, and dedication to the work and each other.

Remember, what your dog is lacking is what you are lacking. It's a mirror. Look into it. See where you need to improve and start to make the changes. It happens slowly at first. Do not give up. Give yourself time to learn. Give your dog time to learn.

This is your task. No one is coming. It's up to you. You are capable. Of anything. And anyone that says differently can come and have a chat with me. ❤️

Tell me about your dog!


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