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The Cart Heel!

I don't just go to Home Depot and Lowe's to train my dog. I actually shop there! Enzo needs to know exactly what to expect and what is expected of him.

➡️First step:

The cart heel: I can't have my dog pulling ahead and getting excited. The cart scares some dogs as well, so that's another hurdle to overcome as you build confidence in that area.


**Make sure you dog has a great loose leash heel before adding a shopping cart. Don't set your dog up for failure bc you wanted to take them to the store. Work your way up to things.

**When you enter the store, walk to the front of the shopping cart and PULL IT BEHIND YOU with your dog beside you in heel. Don't just try to start pushing a cart right away. Let your dog get used to the sound and imposition of space.

**This is not an exercise for treats. Use praise for reward and speak very little to your dog. There's enough distractions around without you adding more.

**Go slowly. Avoid crowded areas at first.

**DO NOT LET PEOPLE PET YOUR DOG. You're teaching a new skill with a prop. Not a time for introductions to strangers. The cart is enough of a new stranger!

**Always end on a good note. Even if your dog screwed up, finish strong and praise them like crazy when you leave the store for their courage to try.

**Finally, practice that 400 times. 😁🐾 (Full video on my instagram!)

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