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The World And Dogs

These moments watching these dogs walk thru all the beautiful music was so amazing to me. The acoustics were so unbelievable in this archway.

The reason I love going to see people in different places and cities with their dogs is because everyone experiences life differently. Every place has it's own life and vibe. The moving parts cause different reactions from humans and dogs alike.

What an interesting way to help your dog learn about sounds that are different, but natural to your world. We watched so many dogs walk past and it was so refreshing to see people with all different breeds and tool types making it thru successfully with smiles.

We even made a friend when I saw a guy who I thought might be a trainer with a really cool, well-behaved dog. He had a shirt talking about training and a whole vibe. Later, I found out he's a comedian @tythefisch and he trained Freddie himself! He's gonna hopefully send his perspective of the walk so I can show you what we both saw.

Freddie sits when asked to be pet, was very polite, followed commands, and was so pleasant to be around. I'm always impressed by some people's natural ability to train their own dogs. That means something....that we all can do it. There's hope for all of us when a non-professional figures it out! That means that it's more about the bond than the method. Do what works for you and your dog!

(A great place to start in the scenario posted if you're new to exposure, would've been to pick a side of the archway and sit back away with your dog in a calm sit or down, rewarding for eye contact and calm behavior. This is a great time to feed your dog it's meal! Make them work for the food with a distraction that is a bit soothing to your ears too ❤️🐾)

P.S. Also watch the owner crossing the street who made space with her dog and had confidence passing the other dog in a sit being trained. 😭❤️ Even if it's not the tool I would use, there was still VALUE in that footage for us all to learn from!

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