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The Ultimate Yard Dog

Enzo is the ultimate front yard dog. He does not run to people or other dogs walking by. He stays with his family in the yard as part of our pack.

Do you know why? Because the leader is there. He knows exactly what will happen if he disobeys: pressure. He knows exactly what will happen if he demonstrates the behaviors I want: freedom. I am incredibly consistent with him. He trusts my consistency. Mama don't play! But she also gives butt scratchins for good boys. 😅

This video is an example of a typical hangout. Enzo is not being perfect. He is running around with the plastic bucket a plant came in. It's trash anyway, he can have it...look how happy he is!!

The goal here, is to get him to stay in the yard engaged with us. Starting out, I would see a person coming by, direct him towards the garage and put him in a sit/stay, releasing with a "free" when they pass. Do that over and over and over and you get a dog that becomes disinterested in the passersby because he never gets to engage with them. They become things that move in the world like anything else. To be ignored.

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