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The Truth about Big Yards

The truth about big yards and dogs....It's not what you think!

Having a large yard or living in the country doesn't mean your dog can do what it wants. It doesn't mean your dog will "just know" where it is allowed and not allowed. It does not exercise itself. It runs around because it's a dog; that is NOT structured exercise. That's a party all the time. Nothing with a soul benefits from having everything it wants all the time. Not us...not dogs.

Living where your dog has space is a gift and a privilege. Do your best not to become complacent or lazy just because you think the yard is going to fix your problems. Anyone can but a treadmill and put it in their house. It doesn't mean they're going to use it. Your dog builds a bond with you best in this environment thru structured walks, working for rewards, consistency, and time spent outside together quietly.

A few tips:

**Use that big yard!! Work different sections daily to change it up.

**Teach your dog the perimeter and let him mark the boundaries. This is important to dogs!

**Sit quietly together at least once a day. (You can read a dog training book while you sit 😁)

**Teach your dog what is expected when guests arrive. Enzo has to go to the porch or garage and stay until released. He may only alert bark once or twice to let me know a visitor has arrived. Then I ask for quiet. When he is released, he is not allowed to jump on guests.

**Practice that place stay in the yard!!! It takes a different skill set for a dog to focus with the sounds and smells of the outdoors. Start in the backyard, then garage, then front yard.

**Remember to include your dog in every outdoor activity you have. Don't get frustrated if they cause a problem or two. Stay calm and give clear direction!

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