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The slip lead as a Foundational training tool

The slip lead is the foundational tool of balanced training. And guess what?? It doesn't just work outside! Use it indoors to work on focus, to keep your dog from roaming freely and causing problems, work on place stay, enforce spatial pressure without the dog running away, tether the dog to you to work on staying with you, corrections in the home, and more!

Let me make something clear...I am not going to promote a brand of slip lead. These companies can do their own

marketing. Or they can pay me to market there's. I am here to help you, not make money for companies so use what you have as long as it's safe. If you are unsure, ask a trainer! I got mine at the feed store. And it's my favorite one I've ever had. People will say, "You need this brand or that brand..." no you don't.

Just get a damn slip lead and start practicing. If a brand didn't exist 20 years ago but people were still using slip leads successfully, then it's not the brand, it's the tool. Use what your trainer recommends because each one has a different opinion and can help you learn!

Remember, slip lead before prong collar. 180s and figure 8s down solid before walking a straight line. No sniffing, no marking. Pay focus with treats or verbal praise every time. Practice in your house, then backyard, then driveway, then street, THEN widen your world.

You can do it. You CAN. I'll be here to cheer you on. ❤️

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