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The New Generation

The time of the elitest dog trainer is over. The new generation is here. What does that mean?

It means we work real world cases. Dogs that need help. Owners that need direction. We do not own a monopoly on the intellectual property we hold, like the old guard. We are here to share with you our knowledge and help you TRULY rehabilitate your dogs.

I recently put up a post on TikTok speaking out against content posted by a well-known trainer. I got a lot of backlash. Well guess what:

The information is not only wrong, it's damaging to dogs. Let me be crystal clear...

I don't care who you are. If your information is incorrect or detrimental to a large portion of dog owners, I WILL SPEAK OUT ON IT. Your name does not protect you from mistakes or misinformation. Trainers get lost in their egos. How much better they are. Shaming other trainers for suggesting structure and boundaries. Well this isn't the obedience ring. This is REAL LIFE. Telling people that reactive dogs are an exception is a gross mischaracterization. They are a large part of the dog community now and telling people dogs don't need structure is potentially dangerous.

If you are looking for actual solutions, then please let me help you. If you have felt lost and like your previous trainers suggest outrageous or ridiculous things that never work, if they have recommended you medicate your dog, or if they've said your dog can't change...THEN YOU COME RIGHT HERE TO ME AND MY TRAINERS OR ANY OF MY COLLEAGUES. We are equipped, capable, and come with smiles.

We aren't in it for the money or notoriety like some. We're here for the love of the dogs. For the PRIVILEGE to help you with your best friend. It's an honor and I am humbled every day that this is my life. I will not be an elitest. I will be EFFECTIVE. We get shit done. No excuses. Learned that from my mentors

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