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The concept of Self

It took me years into sobriety before I understood the concept of self. What does that really mean? For me, it means that I am truly only responsible for myself. I have learned the concept of being sovereign over myself, the same way as God is sovereign over His kingdom. Let me break it down:

I am responsible for myself. Emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually responsible for making sure those things are on point and those needs are being met. I am sovereign over the places I go and the decisions I make. I am the highest authority when it comes to human beings in regard to my life. I am the great decider of my choices. I align my heart as best I can with the Creator and I move forward.

What does that mean? Does that mean I don't listen to others? Does it mean I am better or think I am better? No. What it means is no one's opinion, feelings, or bank account controls my life. I am sovereign of myself. Self sufficient. Self reliant. Keeping my house in order.

"Jerri that's selfish." People say that. I know. I disagree. If I am responsible for my own little kingdom, then I am a contributing member of society. If I am fully self-sufficient, now I have something to offer the larger world. What do I have to offer?

The story of how I did it. My experience in what it takes to go from desperate, alone, devastated by my a cozy restaurant in Italy surrounded by mountains sharing my story.

So where do you start?

Stop listening to people tell you what your life should be or how you should live it. You are exactly as you are for a reason. You love what you love for a reason. You shine where you shine and you struggle where you struggle FOR A REASON. Nothing in God's world is by mistake.

Are you sovereign over your life? Who have you let creep in and control you? Men? Women? Money? The lack of money? Laziness? Jealousy? Bitterness? Self pity?

Those things will control you if you do not become responsible over the one life you were given. Do not miss out on the chance to change. It could lead to you staring at a picture of James Dean in a restaurant in Italy 🖤


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