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Teaching The Future Generation

Everyone in my family learns to handle Enzo WHEN THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH. Why?

1) I want Enzo to understand that the handler is in charge no matter who it is.

2) My children are my legacy and I would look like a dumb ass if they didn't know how to do this and pass this on. It has been in our family every generation since slavery.

3) It helps my daughter learn confidence and how to work thru something difficult.

Children are like sponges. After you get a solid structured walk, TEACH THEM! Let them try and ask questions. Let them practice the techniques. Encourage them and cheer them on when they get it!

No one will teach them if you don't. You're setting the stage for how they treat your dog, other people's dogs, and their future dogs. Set them up to succeed when the time is right! ❤️🐾

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