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Teach Them At A Young Age

Today my daughter Leila learns how to teach Enzo LEAVE IT! Follow along to learn how⬇️

It's important as our kids grow into adolescents to teach them the art of training and communicating with a dogs. Here's a break down of what we did today:

▶️ Video 1

She makes a mistake at the end by letting Enzo eat the food on the floor. I coached her to pay with a DIFFERENT piece of food and to remove the food on the floor after payment to signal the end of the exercise.

▶️Video 2

Adjustments made and she did a great job of staying quiet while working. Enzo had good focus. She also gave some affection which is a great time for that!

We best teach what we most need to learn. My whole life is centered around teaching people how to train dogs. So I am in the greatest need to learn about them. Every time I teach my daughter, a client, a solidifies that knowledge in my own heart and mind. It gives me another story and example to draw from. It allows me to be a perpetual and eager student of the greatest art and privilege in the world:

Working with dogs. 🐾⭐

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