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Take Time For Yourself

We may be a rag tag group. We may do it a little different. But Enzo is always included.

It's been 3 weeks since I have seen my children or my dog. It's important for me to step away from that part of my life every once in a while. It gives me clarity and perspective that I would not have otherwise.

Repeat after me:

"It is okay to step away from parts of my life to rejuvenate myself. It is okay to step away from parts of my life so that I may learn more about who I am in other areas. It is okay for me to take a break and be with a person I love. It is okay for me to make mistakes or be confused and take time to reflect. It is okay for me to do whatever the fuck I want honestly. Same for you.

What I want is guided by my purpose. I want to fulfill my purpose, therefore I must nurture ALL the parts of me that help me achieve that. If I neglect time alone, I will not be grounded and other areas, like motherhood, will suffer for that. If I do not spend time with other dog owners when Enzo isn't there, I do not give them a chance to not have to stare at amazing Enzo while their dog freaks out in a meltdown. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I need to see both times. I need to learn MORE.

Being gone reminded me of how different my approach really is. It's based on experience and handling. I spend time talking to other trainers like @handoverrover@k9connor who share my techniques and philosophies which really boils down to "build the strongest bond you can", "train the dog in front of you", and "Lead with love."

It's so easy to get lost in the bullshit of opinions about training, but when I get back to Enzo, and I tell him LET'S GO DOG, and we run those trails off leash, I am reminded...I know exactly what I'm doing. And what I don't know, I'll fucking learn. And then I'll tell you. And you'll learn. And then we'll be a new era of people with bad ass trained dogs that love the shit out of us for giving them kick ass lives. I mean, I'm doing it with Enzo. Clients are doing it with their dogs. So I must be on to something. It isn't fancy. But it is FUN. 🎉🐾

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