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Some Things Should Just Be Common Sense

I want to give you a comparison. If I were having a behavioral issue with my three year old Mylo, and I took him to his pediatrician or someone who is an expert with children and asked for help, and they told me to put him on meds, how would that help me TEACH him to listen to me? Well, it wouldn't.

This is the same thing for dogs. You can't fix behavioral problems with medicine. If Mylo were talking over me the way to fox or correct that would be to say "Mylo, mommy's talking right now. Please don't do that." I told him what I want and by doing so, showed him what I expected instead which is to be quiet for a moment while I talk.

Dogs have to be shown what we expect of them. When you're dealing with a behavioral problem you have to stop the behavior, correct it, and show them what you want them to do, and we do it as positively as we can!

I love my son and I'm willing to come on here and compare him to a dog to teach yall!

Medication should not be the first route
Mylo and Jerri

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