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Slip AND Prong!


The slip lead creates a cinching pressure evenly around the neck to appropriately teach the concept of leash pressure with a few techniques you need to learn. As the dog gives resistance, the slip lead engages and cinches the neck. As the dog steps towards you or stops resistance, that pressure releases. So now the dog knows what releases that pressure, and they learn that thru repetition and the use of positive reinforcement to mark the wanted behavior.

The prong works in the exact same way, but with the added addition of the the prongs. It "ups the ante" so to speak. The correction time is faster and has more consequences. Prong collars are great for fine tuning and giving you an extra component to your correction without injuring or harming the dog.

MY examples for use with Enzo:

I use the slip lead most of the time unless we are in areas of high value to Enzo. Generally places with lots of prey, but also pots of people. It's one thing for a dog to lose focus and chase a squirrel up a tree in the woods. It's very different if that happens on a jogging trail and he trips a runner accidentally chasing a squirrel that practically ran across our feet. Use the right tool for YOUR dog in any given situation. I also use the prong when there are a lot of people around. People have a tendency to want to pet him without asking and the prong ensures I have a quick response to leash pops so he stays dialed in and I also utilize my treat bag here to have even more focus.

I love both tools. I use both tools frequently. Just bc you dog is mostly slip lead now, keep up on your prong skills. Don't rely only on the prong either! A good technician knows the tools of their sport and becomes a master at their use. Always learning more, always perfecting and fine tuning to be a better athlete.

Need help with your tools? Have you been relying on prong without ever teaching leash pressure?

I can help! DM me for more info ❤️🐶

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