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Share The Love

Real life with the Original Too Turnt Tony is...hilarious. It honestly is. He threatens to get on buses and leave just to see if I can find him in the city. With no phone. And laughs. And it makes me laugh.

We are constantly losing our phones, wallets, keys, etc. We never know where we're going and have to pin our locations so we can find our way back because we WILL forget.'s because we're busy having fun. Everything is fun. Even the grocery store. Choosing to be positive and enjoy life is a big deal to both of us. I see the positive impact it has on my family and friends, and on his family and friends.

So today, slap your partner's ass and tell em,

I like your cut G. If you can't have fun together, it's going to be hard. But it you can learn to enjoy each other's company and bring out the best in each other, you've got a great journey in store for you both and hopefully everyone around you that you share it with.

Sharing love is important for our culture, for our hopes, for each one of us. Don't be afraid to do it! ❤️💜

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