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Someone told me that my #rundatdog sign is backwards in my pictures. "Don't you want people to be able to read it?"

My thoughts:

This is MY sign. It's not for them. It's for me. It's over MY dog's collars. It's to remind me that laziness is our enemy. It's to remind me that he is waiting. Always ready. If we don't go, it certainly isn't his fault bc he's always ready to run.

What does that mean? What lesson could I learn about myself because of this?

Maybe it's that life is always there. Opportunity is always there. Change is always there. At the ready; waiting for you. If you don't find it, its bc you didn't look. Pick up the tools and get to work.


❤🐶👑 #tulsapackathletics #dogtrainer #dogtraining #balancedtraining #hermsprenger #prongcollar #pitbullove

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