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Rise Up, Even When You're Down

When you're having hard days, I want you to remember this one thing⬇️

"It's about progress, not perfection." We learn that in recovery. If you're trying, if you give a fuck...that's enough. You do not need to be perfect. Your dog does not need the best focused heel. It's ok he lunged at a running rabbit today.

You'll do better next time. You'll try again tomorrow.

Training your dog is a conversation that happens over the course of your life together. It's not a destination, and it certainly isn't a competition. There is only one way to maintain that conversation in any meaningful way...hard work.

Set goals. Find out how other people who had that goal achieved their goal. Then learn to be consistent KNOWING that there will be hard days. There will be missteps. Those are the days you reflect and learn. You're not a failure. That's just part of the gig.

I think you're doing fantastic, personally. ❤️🐾

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