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Respect A Dogs Space

He's comfortable around my friends children not because "He's just a good dog". It's because we set clear boundaries to set them up for success. Rio has a calm energy and always respects Enzo's space. She doesn't scream or yell near him. She does not touch him without asking and being accompanied by an adult. THIS IS WHY I DO THIS Y'ALL. To catch moments like this. To have these amazing memories to share with everyone about what is possible! We're all peacefully and SAFELY coexisting. The reality is my dog is a huge weapon. He is capable of biting. Every dog is. It is my responsibility to make sure he is safe, even from himself. So we have rules in place that everyone follows so we can be sure our interactions can continue and we can all share space. The progression of these photos is a beautiful example of how important teaching your dog to be calm around children is...yes it's for safety, but it's to get to this point. Where a dog is so relaxed around the child that it is free to lay down and rest. That means more family time with your dog! More positive experiences and progress! Remember, a dog that is hyper should not be roaming around with children. Accidents can happen! Work on that place stay and encourage the children to help by being calm and following the rules together as a family. 🐾⭐

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