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Realizing What the True Problems Were

I posted a picture about how great it feels to fit perfectly into a pair of pants after working your ass off to make your body look the way you want. How amazing hitting that goal feels after hard work. A couple people (whose comments have been deleted) said I was "body shaming others and supporting the diet culture".

Just to be clear...going to the gym, eating healthy, getting your shit together physically and your fit right, is not "supporting diet culture". I'm going to be blunt: It's supporting me getting off what once was my lazy, 60lb overweight fat ass, full of excuses, blaming,and victimhood, and finally doing something about my problems. What were my problems?

1) Laziness which led to depression.

2) Lack of exercise which led to anxiety.

3) Poor diet which led to lack of energy, bad skin, GI upset.

4) Poor choices in partners bc I had little to offer as a woman.

5) A dead end job I was stuck in because I lacked the energy to get out of it.

6) Victim mentality which led to me being jealous talking trash on people that have their life together.

7) Self pity which drew me away from God and into my own dysfunction.

8) Alcohol and drug abuse dulling my senses and taking precious time away.

9) Resentment of myself which led to anger at others.

What am I saying? I'm saying it's time we stop babying and coddling everyone. GO TO THE GYM. STOP EATING THAT BULLSHIT EVERYDAY. There is no perfect size or shape, but being healthy matters. "But Jerri I'm disabled and can't walk!".

Well you're making it to McDonald's ok everyday. I don't wanna here it. I'm sick of it.

My dad has one arm and gets along just fine. My favorite speaker is in a wheelchair and does just fine. People literally compete in a para oplympics and are bad ass. Figure it out.

If you don't want your life to suck then do something about it. Because commenting how people are shaming you just keeps you stuck in your room, on the computer, drinking Fanta. Depressed and anxious. It's time we start telling the truth about this people. You make your life. So make it better. Living "as you are" just to avoid changing is not acceptance. It's laziness.


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