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Preparing for the Vet

The vet can be a scary place. Especially with all the COVID changes. Come with Enzo and I to have some hope. Your dog CAN enjoy the vet, or at the very least be SAFE.

I know as a former vet tech of 18 years, the staff loves the animals and wants them to be comfortable. Remember to advocate for your pet and ask that everyone move slowly and in steps so the process isn't overwhelming.

Bring high value treats, ask for focus, reward often, use that slip lead pressure to enforce commands. IT'S OK TO USE A MUZZLE. There is no shame in taking safety measures so you can train thru the process. You are responsible for your dog.

Remember: STOP REPEATING THE NARRATIVE THAT YOUR DOG HATES THE VET. You don't like the way YOU feel when your dog has to go so it turns into this whole thing. You can't succeed that way. The vet is there to help you, but they don't know much about behavior, so YOU need to make sure everyone knows what your dog needs to be successful!

Sidenote: Dr. Kristen Rivers at Honor Heights Vet in Muskogee, Oklahoma invited me into the conversation of caring for Enzo. She listened. She did not push unnecessary meds. She was quick, efficient, and very excited to be there, as she always is. That's what to look for in a vet. A partner in helping your dog be healthy! (She's also a great exotic vet!)

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