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One year ago it all started

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This is where it all started. One year ago today, I took this picture to share with whoever was watching and opened my social media to public. I started the journey to become an influencer and an entrepreneur.

And I was gonna do it my way. With my dog. And I was gonna do it by being myself, crop tops and all. Even when it was embarrassing. Even when I was wearing my robe and no makeup. Even when I cried. Even when people disagreed. Even when I aired my dirty laundry out with no shame...because there's nothing to be ashamed about. What brought me here is a long resume of a life that has been lived. Sometimes hard. Sometimes sloppy. But honestly, most of the time, I can barely handle how beautiful it really is. Even with the mistakes. Even when I'm lost. It's still beyond my wildest dreams.

What is my reflection on 2020?

It's been he single hardest, greatest, and most transformative year. And that is saying something. But if I look deeper and break it down, I see it's purpose. In some seasons we reap, and in some we sow.

Preparation. Work. Tears. Shedding any sliver of victim mentality or self pity left inside of me. Ridding jealousy, envy, pettiness, and judgement of others. Removing laziness, self doubt, stubbornness, and flakiness. Being humbled over and over. Sometimes publicly. All of this was and is incredibly painful and hard, but it's giving me PROFOUND insight. Insight I am compelled to share. I am called to share it with you.

So what is it all for???

Simple. God is the ultimate strategist.

He was pressing mediocrity out of me.

And I hope he presses harder in 2021.

I am ready and unafraid. And I'm bring my tribe with me. We ride at dawn ladies. Grab the dogs. ❤️🐕🎆🎉

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