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Off Leash

I'm so excited about our new house in the country. I get to learn more about Enzo off leash, but safely on my own property.

No one can say "leash your dog".

No one can ask me to put my dog away.

As long as he's on my property, it's my rules:

1) Enzo is never off leash without supervision. I have to have eyes on him.

2) He cannot be off leash if I see dogs roaming. Off leash dogs are too high value. He will run to them if they get too close.

3) Enzo may only be supervised by someone familiar with recalling and retrieving him properly.

What will I work on now that we're here?

> Scent trails and how to intervene faster before he gets lost in the scent

> Understanding prey in our territory better

> Ears and what they tell me about his focus in our new environment

> Reaction times off lead at dusk (when their eyesight is poor due to the failing light)

> Creating perimeter boundaries on your property

> Times of the day he is most likely to be more active naturally vs when my schedule requires.

There is so much to learn when you have more space. It's just as valuable as learning the city and suburban life! There's ALWAYS something more we can learn from our dogs.

Enzo was so happy today with his pack, our family, in the new yard. He was proud, playful, and confident. He seemed to know this was our new home. Now I have to teach him how to take the structure he already knows and implement it into the thousands of hours of practice we've had BEING TOGETHER.

We can only go up. ❤️🐾

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