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Nugget Progression

Update on Nugget & Simone! Simone reached out to share that Nugget doing great and she is able to walk him past men without reaction.

Reactive dogs are not something we need to "cure". Just like an alcoholic, if I go without structure in my life...l could potentially lose myself and give in to my instincts and do crazy shit. But if I maintain structure, I can have a great life. Do I get to drink? No. But my life is amazing anyway! I have learned to live without the crutch I used to rely on.

See the parallel to the reactive dog? Will Nugget ever want to "like" strange men? No. But he can learn with structure not to lean on the crutch of lunging, to be around them in a safe way. Without that structure, he will go back to snapping and reacting to them. Every time. Reactive dogs need structure for their lifetime. That's nothing to be afraid of. A structured life for a dog is the better life. Those dogs can be trusted to be SAFE. So they may be included in more of your life!

That's why I love dogs so much. I get it. I used to do allllllll the crazy shit. Look what happens when you implement structure and give purpose: to me, to the dogs...maybe to you too.

Give it a chance. 🐾❤️

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