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No men were used in the making of this dog

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

My AMAZING client Karina and I were just talking about her 7 month old GSD, Hylia. She came to me right after she got her cast off of a broken leg and had been on cage rest 6 weeks. We worked on lots of place stay, lots of structured walks, the whole nine yards. She put in WORK with that dog.

Today, Hylia is trained off leash at heel. At 7 months. Karina and I were discussing a project video highlighting her progress and are so excited to show everyone what we put together.

But she laid a quote on me I wanna share with you:


None. It was two women: a coach, and an athlete (dog/handler as one)....developing skills, working on timing, pushing that consistency, doing the drills, crying together, laughing together, fucking WINNING TOGETHER.

We can do it. Big dogs or small dogs. Big problems or small problems. We are women. We do not cower or run from work. We do not shy away from adversity. We are the mothers of this earth. Give us something and we will multiply it.

Try us. Watch what we do. ❤🐶👑

(Sidenote: Men you're awesome and we love you.)

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