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New Apprentice!

Meet one of Tulsa Pack's newest apprentices...Mariah Carter!! For the next month, she will be with me, doing these important things:

▶️Making sure her dog's Emma and Jax set great examples in foundational areas: focus work built by hand feeding, crate training, duration place stays, slip lead work, structured walks, and impulse control.

▶️Learning how to best communicate with clients over a virtual platform. As technology advances, changes, and improves, it's important we move with it...even dog trainers!

▶️The great beast of social media 🦖 It's my favorite thing to teach people how to navigate thru. The key to success is BEING YOURSELF. I am a tenured professor in the category of vulnerability, and I believe it is a greatly underutilized asset by nearly every person. Learning to be open helps you reach more clients who need you!

▶️Business. No one teaches dog trainers how to grow a business!! What steps do you take? What kind of business do you even want? There are so many questions that need answered in that category. I am happy to offer my knowledge and my enthusiasm to future trainers and business owners. It shouldn't be hard to find these answers!

⬇️Read more about Mariah's story below! ⬇️

"My name is Mariah Carter! I am 22 years old, married, and have two dogs that are my whole world. I am so excited to have to have the opportunity to learn from Jerri. I have been a huge fan of her tiktok for the past year. I have always wanted to work with dogs but never knew exactly what I wanted to do until I came across Jerri’s tiktok and started working with my own dogs! I personally like to learn virtually because life does not always go as planned and things change day to day. My husband is in the Airforce so we don’t ever know if we will be relocating randomly so it’s a great opportunity to get the knowledge I need and get to do something that I am so excited about. Because of watching Jerri’s videos I have been able to ENJOY taking my dogs out of my house and I would love to be able to help others feel comfortable and excited to do the same thing!"


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