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My History

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I've been waiting a long time to tell you the rest of my story. You see I'm not just a tattooed loud mouth talking about dogs. Running dogs is in my blood.

I'm sure you recognize President Eisenhower pictured here. This was taken in Georgia where I'm from. The man holding the gun is my grandfather. He was the President's bird dog trainer and hunting guide. There is a deep tradition of black men running the dogs in the south that you may not know of. One that runs thru the history of slavery and exists today. It is passed down to each generation. But in my family, it died with my grandfather.

You see, I'm adopted. My mother is my grandfather's daughter. She had me at 16, and gave me up so we could both have a better life. And thank God she did. And across the world and back I went, never knowing anything about where I came from until adulthood. And what I found was this...

It died with my grandfather. A tradition in my family since slavery died when he died as his children were young and could not learn the craft by then. It was gone from our line. Not even really talked about a lot after that.

But somewhere across the country, the Midwest was creating the woman who would rediscover our work. Bring it back to our family line. Without ever knowing it was truly in my blood, dogs found me anyway. They called to me from a young age. I understand them bc I understand myself. I understand myself bc I understand them. And that took time.

And so my children are being brought up to follow if they so choose. I'm telling you this so you understand something:

YOUR DESTINY WILL FIND YOU. Are you ready to receive it? Have you put in the work to accept it? Are you honoring what you promised to do with your life? Are your children watching you and striving to be like you?

WHAT IS YOUR LEGACY? What can no one take from you, even if they tried?

For me, its dogs. What was lost to my family, is not lost anymore. I simply will not allow that. Now lemme see if I can get one of these Presidents to let me train their dog and show em around Oklahoma ❤🐶👑

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