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My Anchor

Out of all the things he's taught me, being positive is the most important. Living with kindness and integrity is not an option in our house. It's the standard.

We have never once called each other a name. We rarely argue, but when we do, it always gets resolved with respect and love. I do not nag Tony. He's a grown man. He doesn't need to be nagged by his partner. Instead, I pray for him. A lot. And he prays for me a lot. Supporting is harder than bitching because it requires YOU to be the one to change, not them. He never gets upset when I am emotional, or I when cry, or if I am being dramatic. He never raises his voice to me. He just listens. He does not fix problems that are mine to attend to just to make me feel better. Instead, he supports me while I handle my own sh*t. I do not stick my nose where it doesn't belong. I support his decisions and trust his guidance. He does not squash my dreams or minimize them. He champions them and lifts me up. He reminds me to always ignore negativity. What is between us is only good. All the bad stuff we push out and keep out. It's our job to protect what we've built.

Being apart for months at a time has put a lot of things into perspective for us. If you really love someone, nothing is impossible. You make a way. The amount of time we both have to dedicate to each other just to maintain what we have is a lot, but it's worth it. This life we built is beyond anything I could have ever dreamt for myself. It's full of real love, amazing friends, a great big family, new adventures, constant travel, and a dog named Enzo. ❤️🥺

I wanted to acknowledge the support behind the scenes that keeps the chaos of Jerri pointed towards her true north. He always say "Look at what you're doing. I am so proud of you." What a difference it makes to have someone you love believe you are capable of ANYTHING.

Hug your partner, spouse, or significant other today and tell them "Thank you for doing this life thang with me boo 😘."

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