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Moving On

I'm gonna miss Oklahoma. This place built me. I found Enzo here. I started my business here. I changed my standard of my personal fitness here. I fine tuned my knowledge about dog training here. I discovered who I was in the woods, streams, lakes, plains, and mountains of Oklahoma. Who was this new person?

That person is someone who has been thru devastating life circumstances, and persevered. Ten years of addiction, homelessness, even worse.... But that person is open to change and new ideas. That person hustles HARD. The self I have come to know has so much growth yet to do, but I'm so happy to know her. I'm so happy to stand up for her and fight for her. I'm so happy to see her be a leader. I'm most happy to hear her talk openly about who she is IN God and BECAUSE of God.

I knew that was in me. I just didn't know how to get it out. So I just do what we do with dogs. REPETITION and CONSISTENCY. Climb and maintain. Correct the mistakes and celebrate a job well done.

Then do it again. In another state. And then another. And then another country. And then we're worldwide baby. 😉🐾

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